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Lymph Drainage Massage

(Phiri Method)

 The Phiri Method emerged from the need to present immediate and visible results from the first massage session, in the treatment of localized fat, cellulite, redefining the muscles, fighting swelling and eliminating toxins. The before and after is visible throughout the session! The Phiri Method is a massage technique that benefits from detoxification and body remodeling during the massage, and at the same time intense relaxation!


  • Reduces imflammation

  • Speeds metabolism

  • Eliminates cellulitis

  • Smoothes your skin tone

  • Combats liquid retention

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Elimination of toxins

  • Cleans & regulates the intestine

  • Relieves stress

  • Improves overall wellbeing

  • Soothes and delivers better nights of sleep



Lymphatic drainage is a powerful technique, which consists of slow strokes that are repeated. Massage and movement of the skin can stimulate the lymphatic system and remove fluid retention. The technique can treat the whole body, and has many applications, from self-treatment of minor swellings to professional treatment of chronic edema.



The lymphatic system absorbs debris and waste products from the body's connective tissue. It consists of a series of lymph nodes, bound together by lymph vessels. The nodules are collected in lymph nodes, mainly around the neck, armpits and groin. They contain white blood cells which fights infections in the body by filter away the bacteria when the lymph, a blank fluid passes through the nodules. Fresh connective tissue nourishes every body cells, but when there are blockages will the nourish to the cells and the stream of waste products to the blood go slower. When the lymphatic system is stimulated using lymph drainage, this improves, the body works healthier and strengthens the immune system.



The technique can be used effectively in treatment of several disorders, it has positive effect on swelling and bruising, make scars less visible and accelerates healing. Lymphatic drainage can be used against clogged sinuses, fluid retention in the body and cellulite, it can also relieve joint pain. It is also a useful first aid for minor burns, strokes and scratches. For lymphatic drainage to be effective, it must be done often. Contact a doctor when severe or long-term disorders, such as cancer, previous blood clots and swelling associated with heart failure.


  • Research suggests that lymphatic drainage may strengthen the immune system.

  • The technique is also used after operations against edema, ie large swellings in the legs and arms.

  • About 25% of all women who undergo surgery for breast cancer develop edema, and lymphatic drainage performed by a trained therapist may reduce this problem. 

  • Studies at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London in 1997 show that lymphatic drainage led to less swelling, alleviated symptoms such as pain and heavy body and increased emotional well-being.

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